December 26, 2017

Show-Ya - Aurora (Review)

Japanese music scene crisis in 2000s has hit hard on many projects. One such project was band Show-Ya, which from 1998 to 2012 existed only formally. Members were engaged in their projects. In main - just released compilations and DVDs. Nevertheless, 2015 was marked by final return of this project - they release a very interesting album Progress. And this year they release album Aurora, which we will consider today.

My Rating: 87/100

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Frankly, I can be impressed only by methods of solving an artistic tasks. When I evaluated this release in front of me were not specialists with 40 years of experience and not even 60 year old grannies. There were only 11 pieces of audio data. And this album was able to impress me. Here we hear classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal exactly as it was created in the West in 70s. It would seem that almost 50 years have passed, what else can be surprised? It turned out that this is possible. There are no strictly limited patterns. Here composer very expertly approached his work: the fineness of talent of each member is maximized.

Almost 40 years of experience are noticeable here - vocalist knows that he knows how. No show-offs, only a clean skill. Of course, there were voice effects (end of 4th track), but this was required by context of artistic task. Even in 9th and 11th tracks, you can see an excellent voice control, despite the rather aggressive drawing.

Standard string (4, 6, 8 track), academic piano sound (5, 6, 8 track), "Acid" synthesizer (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11 track), Hammond Organ (1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 track) and even a harpsichord (3 track). After all this list it's already difficult to give comments. But in addition to this, we still hear nice scales and a very precise underline of each composition. Keyboardist knows his business well.

Guitarist here is not particularly surprised - we saw a much steeper guitar technique. Nevertheless, here the general structures pleases hearing. A pleasant surprise was the overall aggressive structures of guitar parts in 9th and 11th tracks. And also use of whammy bar in solo (5, 11 track), tapping (11 track).

"Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal rhythm section" - usually comments here are superfluous. Nevertheless, here you can see many interesting things. But basically, it's a bassist's job. Here we hear interesting bass parts, and this is a very rare phenomenon. We also hear bass solo (3 tracks). About drummer can say a little. Yes, there are interesting fills (3, 5, 8, 11 track), but there is nothing more to note. Nevertheless, big surprise was for me a blast-beat (9, 11 track).

No crises, no time frame will stop real talent. But if, for example, Akira Takasaki (guitarist from Loudness) has been experimenting with sound for a long time, then these girls just waited for a moment. Yes, they will never repeat legendary album "Outerlimits". But they show us again and again that it's too early to leave the stage.